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About This Site

Red Lit Search was founded in 2016 by William Vitelli, an erotica author whose books, including Elicitation, Evocation and Nineteen Weeks, were self-published on Amazon.

In 2014, Amazon began limiting search results for self-published erotica, and lots of titles vanished from the search listings, even though they were still in Amazon's store. This had a serious impact on many self-published erotica writers. 

Strangely, while a lot of erotic books vanished from Amazon's search results, there seemed to be no consistency to it. Different Amazon users will sometimes see different results for the same searches. The books were still available to anyone who had the ASIN or knew the direct link to the book. Amazon, it seems, is okay with selling erotic fiction, but does not want it to be easy to find.

Enter Red Lit Search, an uncensored databse of Amazon erotica. Our steadily growing collection of erotica allows readers to find books even if they don't appear in searches on Amazon's site.

And you can help! By suggesting books that you like, you'll be helping other readers find what they're looking for, and helping indie erotica writers make a living.



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