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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Red Lit Search?

Red Lit Search is a site that allows you to search for erotic books and eBooks on Amazon. We have many books already in the database, categorized by genre. You can recommend additional books from Amazon or do a search on Amazon.

Why not just use Amazon.com's site?

A couple of years ago, Amazon started filtering and limiting searches for erotic books, especially self-published erotica. The criteria they use to filter searches and exclude books from search results are not well documented, but it seems that self-published books on alternative sexualities (such as BDSM and paranormal sex) are especially likely to be censored.

How does Red Lit Search help?

Amazon will censor searches for erotica made on their Web site, but it does not filter searches made using the third-party search API. That means it's possible to set up a Web site that does uncensored searches of Amazon's books, which is what this site does.

How do I do unfiltered searches?

Use the Search function. That will show you books we have already added to our database. If you don't see what you are looking for, there is a "Search Amazon" box on the search results page.

Do I need to register to use Red Lit Search or to use the unfiltered Amazon search?

No. Setting up an account lets you do things like recommend books to other users, post reviews of books, and rate books. In the future we may include additional functions such as a forum. But you are not required to set up an account to use the site.

Are there membership fees?

No. Red Lit Search is free. 

What other functions do you have?

In the future, we are planning to add sections on popular erotica authors and titles, and we may add banner ads or featured books sections. Stay tuned!

Are you affiliated with/a subsidary of Amazon.com?

Red Lit Search is an independent site that is not owned by or affiliated with Amazon or any Amazon subsidiary. Red Lit Search was founded by a self-published erotica writer who saw his books disappear from Amazon search results and talked to other writers who had the same problem.

Note: Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc.

Do you allow searching of other book sites, such as Smashwords?

Not yet. That may come in the future. 

How is the site paid for?

The links to titles on Amazon are Amazin affiliate links, which means this site gets a few cents from any book you may purchase.




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