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MILF Tales

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Author: Cindy Larie
Amazon ASIN: 1549616625


A toe tingling erotic collection guaranteed to get your heart rate up and blood flow headed south. Four delicious short tales of older women and the younger men who adore them. Micheal - Everyone drools over Bobby's Mom, Pam. and competition is fierce over a coveted invite to come along on their winter holiday vacation. This year, it's Micheal's turn Just Watch Me - Forty-five year old Carly is tired of the same old tried and true cookie cutter sex she and her husband have resorted to since the kids were born. Something has to give. Maybe a little show and tell at private VIP club Smoke & Mirrors is exactly what her husband needs to remind him just how hot his wife still is, before it’s too late to save their marriage. After all…he does love to watch… Tutoring Izzy - Izzy married Chuck right out of high school. On their twentieth anniversary, he informed her that he was leaving her for a twenty year old stripper he met at a club...so she signs up for college and gets a tutor. Soon Algebra isn't all she's getting a crash course in. Mara's Mom - I’ve been dating Mara for a couple years and haven’t gotten past second base. I’ve been a good boyfriend, remembering the big things and celebrating with nice dinners, flowers, gifts. What’s a guy gotta do? One evening, I stopped by and Mara was out. I’ve always thought her mom, Susan, was a MILF. Next thing I know, one thing led to another and I’m getting a hands on tutorial - Female Anatomy 101.

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