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Scenes from the Marketplace

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Author: Laura Antoniou


The Marketplace and the other books in the series by Laura Antoniou have become some of the best-known and best-loved BDSM-themed books since Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty. With their subtle wit, complex moral codes, and hot sex and submission, the books have created a full world in readers' heads, populated with a vast cast of characters. Over the years, Antoniou has filled in the background details on many of these characters and her world through short stories. Sometimes appearing in anthologies here and there, other times as "DVD" extras in ebooks, these stories give insights into the history of The Marketplace, the motivations behind the characters, and sometimes their fates after they were last seen in the novels.


Boys Will Be Boys
Kaleigh Lad
Mandarin Style
California Dreaming
For Want of a Nail
A Leash Has Two Ends
Brian on the Farm
That's Harsh!
A Familiar Ring
The Man with the Phoenix Tattoo
Inside Straight
Zoom In

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