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Taken In Public: His Gift to the Gang

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Author: Candi Cook


Super HOT NEW Biker Gang Cuckold Novella
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“Enjoy it?!? You really expect me to enjoy getting used like some sex toy by your biker buddies so that you don’t get the crap beat out of you?” Mendy exploded...
I can't believe my ears. Is my husband really begging me to do this? I feel like just beating him myself, but he looks so scared of what he's got himself into. What was he thinking getting involved with this gang? And now he expects to use me... all of me, to get him out of it.
Just one night with the gang, at their favorite hangout... that's what it is going to take to solve my husbands problem. But that's one night with the entire gang! I've never even stepped foot in a place like that, much less been passed around like a plaything for all to see!
Maybe my husband deserves what's coming to him. Probably does. So why can't I get this thought out of my head? And why is the thought of something that should make me so damn mad secretly starting to turn me on? I mean, there's absolutely no way I could through with this, right?
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Readers Note: This story is extremely HOT and leaves little to the imagination. This book is purely intended for adult eyes only.
This short story contains very steamy scenes including group sex, public sex, biker gangs and multiple partners. If this is not your thing, you may want to skip this one. If you ARE interested in all of the graphic details of the BBW and the Gang, Scroll back to the top to read it now. You will not be disappointed!

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