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Shared 2- On My Birthday (Shared Series)

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Author: Jamie Klaire


"Are you going to spend your birthday party in your birthday suit? "
Caleb and his wife are back for another round, this time at a swinger's bar with whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, and a stranger.

This short story contains light spanking, a hot husband who wants to share his horny little wife again, a MFM threesome, another trip to a swinger’s club and some light S&M. Enjoy!

Approx. word count 8,500+ (Not including supplementary material)

A bonus sample of 'Taking My Husband And His Twin- A Swingin' D Dude Ranch Short' follows this story.

Note- Portions of this short story were originally part of a longer, tamer novel under my other, more romantic pen name. I have since merged both pen names, so this title shares similarities with scenes in my long series 'Corrupted.' Shared, Shared 2 and Shared 3 contain scenes from my Corrupted series, since they were originally published under two pen names. The full Corrupted series is aprox the length of two long novels, and I pulled a few scenes from it to make the Shared shorts. If you've read Corrupted, you may want to pass on these shorts. If you really enjoyed these shorts, you may want to pick up Corrupted to get the entire story.

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