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Red Lit Search: Erotica Search Engine • Tentacle Monsters and the Virgin (Alien Tentacle Menage Erotica) (Adventures of Suzie and the Alien Book 4)

Tentacle Monsters and the Virgin (Alien Tentacle Menage Erotica) (Adventures of Suzie and the Alien Book 4)

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Author: Lili Zander
Amazon ASIN: B00KQ6S8WK


Last week, I’d been kidnapped by my sadistic ex-boyfriend, with the unwilling help of a two-dicked alien named Bob.
Now, I’m travelling with Bob, who seems to be determined to make all my dark sexual fantasies come true.
Did I ever think I’d enjoy sex with a woman? No. But I did, very much so.
However, when Bob explores the dim recesses of my mind, and uncovers a desire to be taken by many-tentacled monsters, I’m torn. One part of me is cautious and slightly afraid.
The other part of me, the part that seems to be in control? That part of me wants this fantasy to come gloriously, painfully true.
Warning: This is a 10,000+ word short story that includes adult situations between a human female, a two-dicked alien, an alien Warrior Queen and two tentacled monsters. It features explicit sex scenes. For Mature Audiences Only!
An excerpt:
I stared ahead, trying to make out shapes in the water. Something moved towards me, and I heard a noise; almost like the sound of a trumpet. That sound was repeated again, from a different spot, and I swivelled my head, trying to see what manner of being approached.
Tentacles. Bob had it right. There was a indistinct shape in the heart of the creature, but what extended were grey tentacles, more than I could easily count; twenty, maybe more. They were of various thicknesses and lengths, and I gulped in nervousness as the creature drew nearer and nearer to me.
Suddenly frantic, I tried to swim away, but a tentacle lazily swung out from the creature, and wrapped around my waist. Heat erupted where the tentacle had taken hold of me, and warmth bloomed in that spot; a vivid contrast to the coolness of the water. I thrashed around and screamed, but no sound came out.
Another tentacle moved towards me, snaking over my body in exploration. I could feel an itch where it ran over me, my skin reacting to whatever fluid it trailed over my body. Red marks rose from my body where the tentacle had touched me, almost like welts on my skin. But there was no pain. Just the faintest of itches, and a flaming trail of heat.
I could feel puzzlement emanate from the creature as it explored my body, along with the first stirrings of desire. The tentacle slid all over my body, lingering on my face, sliding down to my breasts, still further down my stomach. It stopped at my belly button, and the tip of it slid around the little indentation, exploring every millimeter of that hole. Waves of sudden, sharp lust radiated from the creature, and I felt my fear and my arousal rise in tandem. If cavities caused lust in the creature, it was soon going to hit the mother lode.

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