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Enticing Taboos

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Author: Shantale Finnerty
Amazon ASIN: B00HZ47J6C


Life is what you make it. You can live it well or live it wasted. You can shed your inhibitions and partake in the pleasure or you can kneel down at the altar when life renders excessive pressure.

For smooth sailing Lani life is great at the moment. She has finally found her niche and her man. Dr. Jackson Andrews was to die for, and everything she has ever wanted in a man. Whatever Jackson wants Jackson gets, but how far will she go to keep him?

Lively Jade seemingly lives a fine life with her well to do husband Trent. She works hard managing her bakery, and their beautiful home, but when problems arise there are choices to be made, and Jade doesn't know when or how to let things rest when everything she has worked so hard to gain is threaten.

Good girl Courtni housed the mothering nature yet she is viewed as the baby of the group. As successful as she is in life she is still a virgin, and her hunger for the almighty magic stick clashed with her loyalty to her spirituality. Her raging hormones brought on relentless stimulating and erotic thoughts that were becoming harder to suppress.

Ira is the compassionate widower of Sergeant Nicholas Meadows. She loves everyone and gave endless chances to the undeserving. She runs a lucrative restaurant while raising two boys. She is still dedicated to her husband even in death, but how well will she fair when loneliness engulfs her life, and so does Nicholas’s skeletons.

In this raunchy page turner you will enter the lives of four friends that live life to the fullest as some struggle to live righteous lives temptation rears its seductively lustful head. In a world where naughty wins over nice majority of the time they discover a plethora of secrets, lies, and a subconscious lust for the taboo.

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