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TENTACLE SEX ENCOUNTERS: Five Alien Monster Sex Erotica Stories

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Author: CJ Smalls
Amazon ASIN: B0128EAGZY


Pretty Pink Books has always brought you the best in high quality paranormal, horror, and sci-fi erotica. In this collection from CJ Smalls, beautiful women (and sometimes their boyfriends!) are swept away by strange tentacle monsters which sometimes give sweetly and sometimes take roughly but always leave their victim lovers overwhelmed with unspeakable bliss. It’s a scorching collection where all it takes is one tentacle monster to have a gangbang! First anal sex, double penetration, rough sex—it’s intense enough when people are involved! When it’s tentacles, the results are red-hot!
1. TAKEN BY TENTACLES AT THE BEACH: An Alien Monster Sex Erotica Story
Angela and Jason have been looking forward to Spring Break, and Angela in particular has looked forward to finding the little natural pool her friend Natalie says is perfect for a sexy and romantic getaway with her boyfriend. Sex on the beach is just what she’s looking for, and she’s not talking about the cocktail!
2. TENTACLES IN EVERY HOLE: An Alien Monster Sex Double Penetration Short
I have no idea what’s growing in the bathroom. The little clay pot that used to hold my houseplant now holds…well, I don’t know what it is. All I know is that it’s not a houseplant, and when I take a shower it seems to get…excited. It doesn’t stay small, either, in fact, while the water falls down around me, it always ends up…well, this time, there’s no hole off limits, and my tentacle monster is ready to give me my first anal sex experience and to make sure my mouth is completely full while I have a rough double penetration in the shower!
3. TAKEN BY THE TENTACLES: An Alien Monster Sex Erotica Story
Jane has wanted Rick since she first saw him in her college World History class, and at the frat party, she finally gets her chance. Things go great! They dance, and it’s clear he wants her. She wants nothing more than to have red hot hardcore sex with him, so when he invites her back to his place, she jumps on the chance. Before she knows it, Rick is held by tentacles and made to watch as some kind of alien monster has its way with Jane! It’s a scorching sex encounter, and there’s no way out…of course, Jane discovers soon enough that tentacles are a lot more flexible than cocks.
4. TENTACLE DOUBLE PENETRATION: An Alien Monster Sex Erotica Story
Nathan is charming and sweet, and after a long dry spell she’s ready to drink up the handsome man. Sex with Nathan, though, isn’t anything she could have expected, but with particular genetics, she’ll soon find that double penetration is harder, stronger, and better when tentacles are involved!
I’d already gone one round with my boyfriend, and the pleasant afterglow of my orgasm hadn’t even faded completely before the tentacles arrived, pushing into my mouth and my pussy without warning. It was impossible, and as they took me and moved within me in ways no human penis could, I was swept away until they lifted me up and suddenly went after my untouched ass. First anal sex was scary enough, but with a monster?
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of various sexual activities during alien monster sex encounters. It includes tentacle sex, deepthroat, rough sex, anal sex, double penetration, oral sex, and tentacle bondage. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

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