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Taken by the Tentacle Alien: A Monster Sex Erotica Story

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Author: Autumn Crowl
Amazon ASIN: B011W85NBY


My days on the deep space station were filled with boredom. As the only human managing robotic equipment on a distant planet, I really had nothing to do but fill my days as best I could without going insane with boredom. Then the space station let out an alarm and suddenly things changed. There was an alien on board and the creature was intent on determining how humans reproduce. That meant rough sexual treatment as it attempted to impregnate me!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during a monster sex encounter. It includes very rough sex, reluctant sex, tentacle sex and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by such content.

Here is a preview:

Then all the lights and sound went out. The lights came back on but the alarm did not. For a moment, I thought there had been some kind of a computer glitch. That wasn’t something to be relieved about. I was in deep space, and I was so far from help that if the computers didn’t work perfectly there was real danger. Then I turned and saw the alien. The creature was tall and thin and was really amorphous looking. It was vaguely human, and to some extent it looked like it was humanoid, but what a stupid thought was that? For all I knew, I was alienoid. It was really bizarre, and I felt really stupid for how I looked. I mean, for Heaven’s sakes, I was painted blue. I was nothing at all like my normal self, and the creature was walking up to me with its grey skin and tall frame. It had large black eyes with no pupils at all. And then, it stared at me and I felt searing in my head, as though it were looking into my mind. I didn’t quite understand it at first, but then it began to change.
I watched as its flesh just altered. It still had the same grayish color, but its features became more defined. I watched as muscles grew on its arms. I watched as its chest became more defined. I watched as the flatness between its legs grew into an enormous cock. I watched as its face took on human features, and before long, it stood in front of me. And as it did I realized the damned thing was a grey version of the human, the human in the holographic video I’d just watched, the porn movie. The alien had searched my mind for how to appear and it ended up looking like a grey version of a porn star from almost two-hundred years ago. It was insane, incomprehensible, even.

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