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Author: Bella Jeanisse
Amazon ASIN: B00JNF8PN2


WARNING: this book contains many and very graphic depictions of sexual activity and is not for readers under 18 or readers sensitive to explicit sex scenes.

A Triple Threat Book

Dominic Spinelli traveled a hard road from obscurity to stardom with the metal band Gasoline, and his success is tainted by regret and pain after the tragic death of his wife and daughter.

Noelle Young, lead singer of the band Winter Winds, may present a path for Dominic to leave his pain behind, but she, too, must wrestle with her own demons, before she can finally commit to loving Dominic and creating a new life for them both.

A story of redemption and new love set against the backdrop of touring heavy metal bands, Gasoline takes the reader backstage showing the rowdy, orgiastic debauchery of the hard-partying music world.

If "Fifty Shades of Grey" was too tame for you, you'll love books from Bella Jeanisse!

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