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Probed By Tentacles (Monster Seductions)

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Author: Wren Winter
Amazon ASIN: B00ZY5L4VU


This magical girl isn't prepared to fight monsters... especially not naughty, sexy monsters!Selene is a normal college girl with a huge power inside of her. When she finds a stray cat and takes it home, she doesn't expect it to learn how to talk.
She also doesn't expect to have magic inside of her that allows her to defeat evil!
When that evil threatens to harm her best friend, Selene rushes off to save her.
But that evil doesn't only want to rule the world... it wants control of Selene's body!
Learn how to harness your own magical abilities! Copy and paste this link: bit.ly/1BRZm6I

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List DateSunday, May-01-2016
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