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Red Lit Search: Erotica Search Engine • Jackie's Erotic Beanstalk (Fairy Tale Erotica Book 1)

Jackie's Erotic Beanstalk (Fairy Tale Erotica Book 1)

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Author: Julianne Reyer


Jackie is a naive yet adventurous nymph who is tricked by a satyr into trading a rare root and a lick of her nectar, for two "magic" beans. But the beans are more magical than any of them could have imagined. Will she be able to save her forest from the powerful forces above?

Warning: This naughty 8000 word short story is intended for adults only. Contains explicit sex, a playful nymph, a satyr with a sweet tongue, spanking, tentacle penetration, hot sex with a horny Storm Giant, size difference fetish adventure, squirting nymph nectar, and a dizzying climax!


The clouds couldn't be much farther; she could hear them rumbling just above her and see them illuminated through broken flashes of lightning.

Then something strong grabbed her leg. She squeaked in panic, and gripped a vine with all her might. She kicked at it in desperation. It released her, and she exhaled in relief. The last thing I need is to be thrown from this high up.

She climbed faster and soon she felt arms reaching for her. As she grabbed a vine, it suddenly writhed in her hand. She recoiled, almost losing her grip, but caught her arm over another vine. It moved as well, threatening to wrap around her waist. She closed her eyes and sent soothing thoughts to the beanstalk but she only got silence in return. It's angry with me for some reason.

"I'm sorry for climbing you," she said with empathy as she jumped from the twisting tendril back to the trunk. "I promise not to bother you again after today."

A tendril snaked up her thigh. She tried kicking it off but another wrapped around her arm and shoulder. "Oh, let me go, mean plant," she ordered but more vines tightened around her limbs.

The vertigo returned as her body swung out over a void of black space. She screamed and lifted her head, trying not to look down. Above, she saw dark shadows coming down on her. In the moment before they struck, she recognized the clouds. The beanstalk was raising her up.

Mist splashed her body as she was surrounded by pillows of wispy fluff. Then she was above them and the vine stopped, her toes inches above the clouds.

"Thank you, Mister Beanstalk," she said with relief. "You can let me down now." She'd finally reached her destination.

But the plant gripped her tight.

She struggled against her restraint and the tendrils writhed, circling around her body. As a cascade of strands wrapped around her, she felt their sinuous pressure at her ear. She shook her head and a vine whipped around her neck, shooting into her mouth.

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