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His Christmas Wish

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Author: Cindy Larie
Amazon ASIN: B074SL7CGG


His Christmas Wish…A horse shifter, and literally hung like a stallion, even in his human form, Dominic’s only wish for the Christmas holiday season is to lose his innocence. He never expected to have his wish granted a his friend’s family ski lodge on Mt. Hood -
But then he hadn’t met me. I’m not intimidated like those young girls he goes to college with. He’s sweet, handsome, and that bulge in his jeans has my juices flowing. So what if I’m old enough to be his mother. Sometimes the job requires a grown woman, and I’m more than enough woman for this job. Move over, Santa. I got this. #olderwomanyoungerman #milf #eroticshort

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List DateMonday, September-11-2017
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