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His Christmas Wish 2

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Author: Cindy Larie
Amazon ASIN: B074TG5JJL


We go to our ski lodge on Mt. Hood every Christmas holiday. That’s where I first saw her. JoAnna Lowrey. She’s gorgeous, she’s rich, she’s a cougar…and Mom hates her. Every year, since I hit puberty, she’s been my Christmas wish. I invited my friend Dominic along for the holidays. I figure it’s great all around. We can hang out, he can have fun, he and Mom might hit it off - and maybe with him as a distraction, I can make a move on the smoking hot JoAnna. Come on, Santa. Give me what I REALLY want for Christmas this year. Put her under my tree - or at least under me.

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List DateMonday, September-11-2017
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