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Just Watch Me

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Author: Cindy Larie
Amazon ASIN: B06VXQ88PJ


Forty-five year old Carly is tired of the same old tried and true cookie cutter sex she and her husband have resorted to since the kids were born. She was sure things would improve once they were grown and out on their own but the nest has been empty for two long years and nothing has changed…kiss, squeeze, suck, rub, pump, pump, pump, roll over and fall asleep. Something has to give. So when a pretty young woman hands her a card for VIP access to a private sex club full of hot, muscular young men eager to make her most private wishes come true, she’s intrigued. Maybe a little show and tell at Smoke & Mirrors is exactly what her husband needs to remind him just how hot his wife still is, before it’s too late to save their marriage. After all…he does love to watch…

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List DateMonday, September-11-2017
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