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Artificial Love: The First Four Stories

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Author: Cindy Larie


Finally available together in one book, the first four Artificial Love stories:
Artificial Love - Worried that I might leave, my boyfriend buys me a top of the line sex android for my birthday. The beautiful Lorelei, who is always eager to satisfy your every wish, is now mine to command...and he's gone for six whole months. Bye-bye boyfriend.
Not Just A Butler - My boss won an expensive sex android in a poker game. He doubles as a butler, and that is what he uses him for...but it won't be all I use him for when I'm house sitting while he's gone on a business trip. Sometimes, being the big boss's Jane of all trades is a really good thing.
Discarded - I found him propped up by a dumpster. It was obvious he'd been in a fight, and even more obvious he was being tossed out like day old takeout. I recognized him for what he was...The Body Guard; Angel Industries latest double duty android. Not only could he guard your body, but he could also rock it all night long.
Darius - I had dreamed about owning my own sex robot from Angel Industries for years, so finding the new stripper/escort model, The Darius, on my front porch was a dream come true. He was addressed to me but I still worried about getting in trouble, so you can imagine my euphoric relief when I discovered he was a gift from a fan of mine! Now I'm bringing a couple of my closest friends home to try him out. It's gonna be a long, hot night.

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