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Nothing Too Personal (Erotica Short Stories Book 2)

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Author: Helen J Perry
Amazon ASIN: B00TJ11NS4


Erotica for women, which celebrates meaningless fun, with strangers and acquaintances. Perfect for reading aloud in bed.

Women seeking anonymous sex with strangers is the common theme for this collection of five erotica short stories. It is the second book on the subject from Helen J Perry.

The stories describe the situation that enables the strangers to come together for their assignations.

In some of these tales the leading lady’s husband is also a participant.

This collection includes all of these pairings: a woman involved in a session with a group of men, F/F, F/M, and F/M/M menage involving bisexual men.

All of the stories are deliberately short so they perfect for sharing with a partner in the bedroom and ideal for reading out loud. Each story should take around fifteen minutes to read aloud and is a complete sexual fantasy.

This is what the author says about the stories:

1. The Elite Pleasure Parlour - a piece of speculative fiction. I have spent too much time thinking about what it might be like if paying for sexual services was a normal everyday event for woman, if gender roles were different and society itself was transformed. I have a pile of draft notes with these themes. In this particular story anonymity for the client is important. In my mind the setting is in an alternative society to ours, a Matriarchal dystopia that forms the basis of a series of full length novels (to be published later in 2015). You do not need to be immersed an alternative universe, however, to enjoy this as a stand alone story.

2. Forest Garden Mr Jarrow - told from a man’s point of view. He was a client at a Guesthouse with a rather unique approach to ensuring customer satisfaction. The same story from the female proprietor’s point of view appeared in the first collection, Nothing Personal, published 2013. The lady who runs the hotel has an insatiable sexual appetite and intends to ensure all of the needs of the guests are met at the bijou hotel, in which the few rooms are only available to men travelling alone.

3. Bi Guys For You - a committed, long term M/M couple seek a woman for a threesome. Would you join them? Would you want to be getting dirty with a couple of guys who were into each other as well as the lady that they had only just met?

4. Pictures of Your Sexy Wife - a wife and her husband together develop an exhibitionist idea that involves erotic nude modelling leading to more action with strangers. I have a sequel to this story that I hope to publish in a future collection.

5. The Greedy Girl Audition - a woman who likes being at the center of attention attends an audition to make sure she is suitable to be the sole female at a greedy girl party.

It is also available in PRINT and there is another similar collection available from this author.

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