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Sleeping with the Neighbors: A Wife Swap Foursome Story

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Author: Angela Ward


We had fantasized about fucking the neighbors for two years. They had put a real spark in our sex life. That's all good, but....The real thing would be better, and it was. Some of the hottest sex you'll ever read about!
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of swinger sex and includes first lesbian sex, wife swap, and rough sex. Only mature adults who will not be offended by such content should read this story.
Here is a preview:
It was a shocking and sudden sensation, and I felt an orgasm threatening to erupt almost immediately. I lay across the width of the bed rather than the length, and she leaned from the side as she worked magic on my clit. I reached out and grabbed her leg, pulling her until she lay as I did but above, and I reached up, grabbed her ass and pulled her down to me so that her pussy with the hummingbird tattoo fluttering near reached my mouth. I attacked it. I attacked it with an urgency borne of two years of fantasy, and it may have been even more wonderful to give than to receive what she gave.
She responded with moans as she redoubled her own efforts, and I knew my orgasm would be intense, would overpower me. The taste of her was musky and erotic and even though Erica’s mouth worked furiously at my clit, I realized my orgasm was holding. I was on the edge and staying there, and desperation grew in me as I tried to match her speed and intensity with my own mouth. My hands gripped her ass tightly while hers ran over my spread thighs as her tongue worked magic.
At first I didn’t understand the shadow that fell over her pink pussy, and when I felt the shaft pushing over my forehead, I still didn’t understand. It wasn’t until I watched the cock push into her that I recognized it as my husband’s and even then I had no real understanding until I was suddenly filled myself. I heard Erica say, “Oh Baby, they want it, too!” It was overwhelming, and I watched Clive’s dick disappear fully into her, and because Erica’s mouth descended to my clit as her husband fucked me, I returned the favor.

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