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Sharing My Wife - Cuckold Hot Wife Erotica

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Author: Selena West
Amazon ASIN: B00XQ9826G


Paul takes his lady out to dinner and dancing, while they are dancing they meet a nice young man. It turns into an erotic night for them all as Paul's fantasy of watching Kat with another man comes true...


"You two dance well together" I say to them with a grin. Kat said to us "Whew, it sure is getting warm in here!" with a giggle. I ask Kat to dance again and as we are moving around the floor Kat says to me "Um, baby? What if I told you that he said he wants to make love to me, and that he had a hardon?" I replied "Oh baby, but you know I want to watch, right?" Of course silly, that was what I had in mind if you want?" You know that I want it, and I think he is the right guy, do you?"

Kat said "well he certainly does arouse me, I am soaking wet!" and giggles. I press my hardon against Kat and she presses right back. "I want you too tonight lover" Kat says to me. "It was my intention to make passionate love to you tonight, and it seems like we found a bonus!" I said to Kat. And we dance on. When the music ends I take Kat back to the table and we sit for a bit as the band takes a break. We order another round of drinks and Mike insists that he pay again, saying it is the least he can do in return for the hospitality.

As we sit and talk I notice that Kat has reached over and put her hand on Mike's thigh as she talks to him. Now I see Mike place his hand on Kat's thigh, just below the hem of her short skirt. Kat glances at me and I smile at her. She pointedly looks at Mike's hand on her leg and back at me. I smile at her and lean over, "enjoy yourself honey, do what you are comfortable with, I am fine with whatever you want to do!" Kat grins back at me and winks a delicious wicked wink. I see her hand move up higher on Mike's leg as the talk, and mikes moves higher on Kat's thigh.

Kat leans over to me to say something and her hand comes to rest on my thigh, very close to my semi hard cock. Then looking into my eyes she moves her hand up to touch me. Kat looks into my eyes with a grin as she rubs my cock, making it immediately hard. I glance over and am surprised to see Kat's other hand rubbing Mike's crotch, and his very apparent bulge there. But I just look at Kat and smile.

I place my hand on Kat's leg closest to me, and begin rubbing her, slowly moving up toward her pussy. I am very close when I glance down again and see Mikes hand under Kat's skirt and obviously rubbing her pussy. I continue ...

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