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Stepping Out: Unleashed Desires Book 1

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Author: Hauten Whett


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Stepping Out is Book 1 of the Unleashed Desires series: Mary and her husband Paul both come from strict religious upbringings with the rule that sex is for procreation only and is done in the dark with just enough clothing removed to "get the job done". Mary has always wanted something more... something wilder, something taboo within her marriage. She longs to be a hot wife, a total exhibitionist and to live out her sexual fantasies, but her feelings of shame and fear have kept those desires at bay - until now. Despite still loving Paul and not wanting to hurt him, she finds herself no longer willing or able to tolerate her sexual repression and she decides to unleash her desires in a rendezvous with a stranger she meets on a website for cheating spouses.

Suddenly, the repressed Mary, who was rarely naked even in front of her husband, is unleashed, even being exposed in public to a pleasantly surprised hotel clerk. But public exhibitionism is just the start of Mary's journey of sexual exploration that continues throughout the Unleashed Desires series.

*Content Warning - This book contains explicit erotic content, including public exhibitionism and consensual heterosexual sex, and is intended for mature audiences age 18 and older only.

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