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Strip for Me - Exhibitionism Training

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Author: Kayleen Knight


'Male Seeks Female: devout sensualist seeks apprentice desiring introduction and direction leading to transcendent wantonness. Succumb to a level of pleasure you never thought imaginable.’

Samantha thought she must have been crazy to reply to the advertisement on the dating site, but too long had she felt alone, unloved, unwanted. She desired to be adored. She was far from a catwalk model and hid from the limelight, but as she lounged around her home alone wearing sexy lingerie she fantasized about coming alive and becoming sexy. When she hears the mysterious stranger's reply, she realizes she is all his. Her trainer was going to teach her how to expose herself to the world.


'You must know this: If we should proceed any further in this pursuit, you must never question me, rather just comply with my requests. I can guarantee that I will never harm you, and I will certainly make sure that no one else is able to harm you either. There will be surprises along the way, and you will probably even be startled at some point, but always remember that anything that happens is part of the procedure and part of the pleasure.’
I noticed a certain intensity at the last word that you spoke. ‘Is the pleasure for me or for you?’ I inquired.
‘It’s meant for us both, but as you will find out, it’s mainly for you.’

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