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INTERRACIAL EROTICA: Interracial Couples (Interracial Romance, BWWM Erotica, African American Fiction)

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Author: Midnight Climax Interracial Bundles
Amazon ASIN: B0164KLGJ8


Five sexy stories of powerful black women in love? What more could you want?[/b][b]Busty Black Cougar (An Older Woman's Interracial Experience): Imani is like so many black mothers -- controlling, demanding, and micromanaging. She may have more ground to stand on, though: she's the dean of admissions for Duke university, after all!
Her attitude changes, though, after taking some experimental anxiety medication. Suddenly, she's taking an interest in David's sports career, watching porn, and even slipping into bed with him!
[/b][b]Hot Bitch's Werewolf (Her Sexy, Savage Shifter):
Belle is like a princess when she gets up on that stage, enchanting even the most hard-hearted men.
When kind and manly Jack goes to a strip club to celebrate his birthday with a group of co-workers, he expects a normal lap dance.
Instead, he becomes obsessed with the black goddess that dances for him. His intensity makes Belle fear for her life.
Neither of them seem able to control themselves around each other.
Belle just wants to focus on her studies. She isn't ready to lose her purity, especially not to some random white man. She refuses him and thinks that's that, until she's abducted and finds herself in a huge library... with a beast breathing down her neck.
This 3000 word story includes a hot BWWM strip tease, perfect for anyone who loves stories about virgins being bred by beast men.
[/b][b]Sick Lust (Unleashing a Bad Bitch): Fate Novello, a beautiful black woman with a bad history with men, just kicked out her cheating ex-boyfriend and vowed away from black men. Instead of crying about it, she hires someone to come help her clean out everything he used to own from her garage. Old clothes, old furniture, anything that used to be his needs to go.
When Fate happens upon a box of sex toys, brand new and still in their packaging, she tries to hide it before the man can see it. When she stumbles and the contents spill out, though, things take a turn for the sexy.
Fate is handcuffed to the bed and dominated, then gives a sexy show to the white man who gives her what she needs.
[/b][b]Obsessed With Me (Interracial Vampire Romance): When librarian Shekeia Lincoln was attacked in an alley on the way home from work, and two white men came to her rescue, that seemed strange enough.
Sure, they were incredibly attractive. When they told her that she'd been attacked by monsters, and that the monsters worked for a vampire, things seemed even stranger.
But just when it starts to seem more and more like they're telling the truth, she discovers something terrifying about her saviors.
Now Shekeia has to wonder which is more dangerous: what's outside, or the men she let in.
[/b][b]Saving the Black Bitch (The Billionaire's African American Ho): Gabrielle is sick of being bullied by her coworkers. After they play a cruel joke on her, she runs out and right into the arms of her sexy, white boss. She expects him to be just as rude as they were. Instead, he makes them pay for their cruelty.
Then things get even stranger: he says she's beautiful. He says he wants her body. That can't be true, right? Would a billionaire ever really want someone with curves like her?
This 4000 word story has hot scenes of a big, black, beautiful woman being impregnated by a sexy, older billionaire. Can you handle this hot interracial story?

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Tagsshifter, paranormal, werewolf, billionaire, virgin, interracial + add tags
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List DateFriday, May-13-2016
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