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Married Sex: Erotica for Couples

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Author: Laina Charleston
Amazon ASIN: 1478373709


Married Sex: Erotica for Couples Looking to have a night of passion with the one you’ve vowed to have and to hold? Seduce your lover with these fantasies that will ignite your fire and scorch your sheets. In Married Sex, eight erotic stories combine lust and love with tales of wanton behavior and sexual explorations. These enticing fantasies include spanking, voyeurism, couple swapping, three-ways, group sex and sensual adventures that will challenge couples to reach new heights of sexual satisfaction. Filled with over 47,000 words of explicit and uninhibited coupling! WARNING: EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT! ADULTS ONLY You must be 18 years of age to read the contents. STORY TITLES AND EXCERPTS: At Least Two Nights: “She bent over dragging her nails up the length of her legs, pushing her hand back into her panties. Turning around facing him,…….” Watching Behind Closed Doors: “She placed the condom in her mouth with the reservoir tip facing inward. As she did, she glanced at the closet and gave a quick wink to Ethan.” Spanked in the Rain: “The excitement of fucking in the storm moved through their lustful bodies as well, causing his cock to throb for release.” Friday Night Ménage: “The girls grabbed his cock, wrapping their hands tightly around the base and began stroking him; one hand over the other squeezing harder as their pace quickened.” Tied Up: “Ryan slowly plunged deep inside her, as she received his length with a sigh and a small moan; lifting her ass, signaling him to continue his intrusion.” Out to Sea: “He stood in the shadows, watching her, aching to go to her, but savoring the moment. She leaned on the railing as the disappearing light outlined her tall, feminine shape.” Ecstasy at Sea: “Closing his eyes, thoroughly enjoying the manipulation, he slowly moved his hand down to his wife’s bathing suit slipping his fingers inside the opening …..” Seduced by the Sea: “For the next few minutes, there were four mixed married couples dancing slowly, nervously, and very cautiously.”

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