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Let Me Watch

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Author: Minx Hardbringer


This collection features stories of husbands watching their wives with other men. These are all of the Minx Hardbringer wife sharing stories to date.

What's included:

Sharing Samantha:

Samantha is fed up with being unsatisfied in her marriage. She loves her husband, but something has to change. They haven't been married long, but it's already apparent that he can't give her what she needs. As a loving and devoted husband, Colin will do what's right and let some real men handle what he can't. The only catch is that he gets to watch the whole thing.

Sharing Selah:

Selah is sick of her husband's inability to please her. She's going to issue him an ultimatum that will end up bringing them both a to a new level of ecstasy. His only choice is to watch her with other men, but he'll find out just how much he likes the humiliation. They'll take control, and show Selah what a real man can do with a woman like her.

Sharing Sofia:

Patrick has a big idea to save his failing marriage. He can't satisfy his wife, Sophia, anymore, but he knows a few men who can help him get the job done. He'll have to give up control while some of his friends take over and show his hot wife how a real man handles a woman like her. Patrick will get more than he bargained for when one of the men feels like he needs to be punished and humiliated for failing to please his wife. Once Sofia has what they have to offer, she'll never go back.

Sharing Stephanie:

Stephanie and Kevin haven't been married long, but things are already going south. He's having difficulties that prevent him from meeting her needs, but Stephanie has a solution to help get things up again. Come along for the ride as she experiences what other men have to offer while Kevin watches from the sidelines.

Watching Wendy:

Jake is worried he's going to lose his wife because of his inadequacy. His recent issues have made it impossible for him to satisfy her marital needs, but he thinks he's got a solution. Wendy is about to get her world rocked by gorgeous men who know how to please a woman like her, and all Jake can do is watch.

Ali and Noah's love life isn't working out the way they planned. He needs something more than just sexy time with his hot wife. Noah wants to share her with gorgeous men and watch while the action unfolds. Ali isn't impressed with the idea at first, but she comes around. In this couple's marriage, sharing really is caring.

Bonus story included.

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