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Taking Turns

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Author: Minx Hardbringer


A collection of wife sharing stories from the Sharing is Caring series.

What's included:

Sharing Sage:

Joshua is worried that he needs something more from his marriage, and he’s about to ask his wife, Sage, to cross a line she’s never considered. Or, has she? He’ll have to watch as big, sexy men take his wife on a ride she’ll never forget. Dr. DeAndre Warden is an old friend that has a fantasy of his own, and his injection is the cure for everything that ails this couple's relationship. Once Sage has his treatment, she'll be begging for more.

Sharing Shiloh:

Shiloh wants more from her marriage than her husband, Cody, can give her. Her desires have grown bigger than what he can provide, but she’s got the perfect solution. Cody is devoted to her in every way, so she’s sure he’ll say yes. Her world is about to be rocked by some big, sexy men who know how to give her exactly what she’s asking for. The only catch is Cody has to watch, or does he?

Sharing Savannah:

Derek is struggling to keep his wife happy and satisfied. He's got a deep, dark secret that he's finally ready to tell Savannah, but he's terrified that she'll leave him. Fortunately, Derek chose the right woman to be his wife, and she'll be more than happy to surrender herself to the naughty ideas her husband has in mind. Derek is going to sit back and watch while his best friend Clayton, and maybe a few more sexy studs, show Savannah what real men are capable of doing with a gorgeous woman like her.

Bonus story included.

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